We create opportunities for small and large businesses to thrive in the global economy


Simplified customs services and inland logistics solutions that keep supply chains in motion and ensure you’re always open for business.


SEALCORE Air Freight is a powerful tool to have in your supply chain strategy. One that can offer you flexible and agile solutions for today’s ever-changing markets.


Learn more about our shipping services from over 150 ports around the world and how we can connect your business globally and simplify your supply chain end-to-end.


SEALCORE GLOBAL is a leading global supply chain & Logistics company providing the entire spectrum of services: global sourcing, freight forwarding, international shipping of containerized cargo, custom clearance, door to door delivery etc.



SEALCORE GLOBAL sources, ships and delivers goods and services to local organizations, small and medium sized enterprises, private/public corporations and international business partners. With access to a vast network of partners and an integrated global network of sea, air and land transport resources, the company prides itself in delivering fast, trouble-free services to destinations all over the world at very competitive rates.

Our Core Services

Sealcore sourcing

SEALCORE Sourcing delivers you sustainable value on your procurement across 6 continents.

product development

From the concept and design phase to all the way through the production process, we handle all the tedious work.


As experts in global supply chain, we help you receive and make payments to your suppliers across the globe.

contract negotiation

We have a dedicated team of experienced negotiators who negotiates with suppliers to ensure that you obtain your desired products and services at a low cost.

quality assurance

We take product quality seriously for our clients, focusing on assuring our customers the highest quality and complete satisfaction.


SEALCORE Shipping has solutions that offer both small and large businesses the opportunity to grow.


Goods Sourced


Countries Covered


Happy Clients


Metric Tons of Goods Shipped

Our Executive Leadership Team

Meet the members of SEALCORE GLOBAL’s Executive Leadership team.

Mr. Obimdi Precious - Founder & Chairman, SEALCORE GLOBAL.
Obimdi Precious

Founder & Chairman

Ezeh Meletus

Executive Vice President

Miss Ojeah Chinyere - SEALCORE GLOBAL
Ojeah Chinyere

Secretary & CPO

Mr. Brian Uchendu - SEALCORE GLOBAL
Uchendu Brian

Supply Chain Manager

Our Blog

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23 April 2022

Mistakes You Must Avoid When Sourcing from China

Establishing an effective sourcing strategy is a critical consideration for any company that’s looking to import from China. However, many mistakes can be made along the way.

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